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    2. Enel X JuicePass App

      Control your EV charger from your phone - anywhere, anytime

      JuicePass is the Enel X smartphone app for EV charging, available for iOS and Android, worldwide. As a single touchpoint for all Enel X charging services, it allows EV drivers to access public, workplace and home charging.??

      With a network of over 90,000 public chargepoints across Europe, thanks to interoperability agreements with several networks, JuicePass enables drivers to charge their car in many countries, using just one app.??

      And that’s not all. JuicePass provides you with full remote control of your JuiceBox smart charging, anywhere, anytime.

      Download the mobile app

      JuicePass smartphone app features

      Public charging
      • Locate public charge points on the map and view their status
      • Set up your ?Garage? adding your EV models?
      • Select your charging tariff?
      • Pay for charging sessions
      • Buy an RFID card
      • View your real-time charging data and charging session history?
      Home charging
      • Connect one or more JuiceBoxes to your account via WiFi or Cellular?
      • Set the charging mode: just plug in to charge or start charging sessions via the app?
      • RFID management?
      • View your real-time charging data and charging session history?
      • Grant your friends and family access to your JuiceBox with a sharing PIN
      • Receive notifications about charging session status

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