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    2. JuiceBox

      Charge your electric car smarter and easier

      JuiceBox is a compact, durable charging station with a Type 2 tethered cable and WiFi connection. You can remotely control your charging from your phone whenever you need it.

      Smartphone Control via WiFi

      The JuicePass app gives you total control of your charging activity, including full smart charging features

      Home Charging Speed

      Up to 22kW


      Type 2 cable connector


      Reduce your energy bill by scheduling your charging sessions when energy cost is lower


      Dynamic LEDs displaying charging status


      Sleek and modern design

      Get your smart EV Charger

      More info

      Max Output Power Up to 7.4kW, 32A, 1-phase - Up to 22kW, 16A, 3-phase
      Input Voltage 230 VAC (1-phase) - 400 VAC (3-phase)
      Output Cable Type 2 connector, 7m 20cm cable length
      Temperature Range From -40°C to +60°C
      Dimensions 469mm x 173mm x 147mm (H, W, D - main enclosure)
      Weight 6,8 kg
      and certification
      IEC 61851-1 (2017), CE certified
      Safety Internal DC fault current detector (above 6 mA)
      External RCD Type A and MCB required upstream
      • JuiceBox
      • Cable holder keys
      • Wall bracket
      • 2 wall bracket screws for installation into wood (#10 self-tapping Phillips head wood screws)
      • 2 wall bracket anchors and screws for installation into brick or concrete
      • 2 screws to hang JuiceBox onto wall bracket (#10-32 Phillips head machine screws)
      Download the JuiceBox datasheet English PDF (0.12 MB) Download