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    2. JuiceStand? Pro
      JuiceStand? Pro
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      JuiceStand? Pro

      Affordable, freestanding mount for JuiceBox EV charging stations

      • Charge with a JuiceBox? Pro EV charger in open areas where wall mounting isn’t an option
      • Holds one or two JuiceBox Pro charging stations
      • Save on installation with cost-effective ground-mounting
      • Robust steel-construction stand designed for durability in all-weather conditions
      • JuiceBox Pro commercial charger not included
      $499.00 each

      Durable and affordable, JuiceStand Pro is the perfect JuiceBox EV charger mounting solution for multi-unit dwellings, workplaces and small businesses. JuiceStand Pro’s small footprint is ideally suited for locations with limited parking space and can include one or two JuiceBox Pro chargers, which are compatible with all electric vehicles. JuiceStand? Pro is our most affordable commercial EV charging station mounting solution.

      Made in North America from domestic & imported parts. JuiceBox EV charging station not included.

      Ground-mounted with 4 bolts. Concrete pad recommended.
      .08 in/0.2 cm thick steel to withstand weather and impact.
      59.3 in/150.6 cm
      3.5 in/8.9 cm x 6 in/15.2 cm deep
      12 in/30.4 cm x 12 in/30.4 cm
      32 lbs/14.5 kg (JuiceBox not included)
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      In the package, you will receive:

      • JuiceStand? Pro mount
      • Mounting screws and bolts

      JuiceBox charging station not included

      JuiceStand? Pro easily connects to one or two JuiceBox Pro chargers, and attaches to concrete surfaces in a few simple steps. For more information, refer to the JuiceStand? Pro installation guide.